Ezzat Rafiee
Ezzat Rafiee
Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, Chem. Department, Razi University
Verified email at razi.ac.ir
Cited by
Cited by
Optimization of synthesis and characterization of nanosilica produced from rice husk (a common waste material)
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Keggin type heteropoly acid, encapsulated in metal-organic framework: A heterogeneous and recyclable nanocatalyst for selective oxidation of sulfides and deep desulfurization†…
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Determination of Sn (II) and Sn (IV) after mixed micelle-mediated cloud point extraction using α-polyoxometalate as a complexing agent by flame atomic absorption spectrometry
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A Novel Al (III)‐Selective Electrochemical Sensor Based on N, N′‐Bis (salicylidene)‐1, 2‐phenylenediamine Complexes
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E Rafiee, S Eavani
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Keggin-structured polyoxometalate-based ionic liquid salts: Thermoregulated catalysts for rapid oxidation of sulfur-based compounds using H2O2 and extractive oxidation†…
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A mild, efficient and α-selective glycosidation by using potassium dodecatungstocobaltate trihydrate as catalyst
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Inorganica Chimica Acta 409, 302-309, 2014
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