Milad Jourshabani
Milad Jourshabani
Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Ulsan,Ulsan, 44610, Korea (ROK)
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Photocatalytic and photo-electrochemical behavior of novel SnO2-modified-g-C3N4 for complete elimination of tetracycline under visible-light irradiation: Slurry and fixed-bed …
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Unmasking the Role of an Amorphous/Amorphous Interface and a Crystalline/Amorphous Interface in the Transition of Charge Carriers on the CN/SiO2/WO3 Photocatalyst
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Superior photodegradation of organic compounds and H2O2 production over tungsten oxide/carbon nitride heterojunction with sizable heptazine units: Dual polycondensation and …
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Nashrieh Shimi va Mohandesi Shimi Iran 34 (3), 13-20, 2015
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