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Hierarchical Materials as Tailored Nuclear Waste Forms: A Perspective
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Observation of Multiple Crystal-to-Crystal Transitions in a New Reduced Vanadium Oxalate Hybrid Material, Ba3 [(VO) 2 (C2O4) 5 (H2O) 6]·(H2O) 3, Prepared via a Mild, Two-Step …
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Observation of Intense X-ray Scintillation in a Family of Mixed Anion Silicates, Cs3RESi4O10F2 (RE = Y, Eu–Lu), Obtained via an Enhanced Flux Crystal Growth …
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AJ Cortese, B Wilkins, MD Smith, J Yeon, G Morrison, TT Tran, ...
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Flux Synthesis, Structure, Properties, and Theoretical Magnetic Study of Uranium (IV)-Containing A₂USi₆O₁₅ (A= K, Rb) with an Intriguing Green-to-Purple, Crystal-to-Crystal …
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K8 (K5F) U6Si8O40: An Intergrowth Uranyl Silicate
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High-Temperature Salt Flux Crystal Growth of New Lanthanide Molybdenum Oxides, Ln5Mo2O12 Ln= Eu, Tb, Dy, Ho, and Er: Magnetic Coupling within Mixed Valent Mo (IV/V) Rutile-Like …
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G Morrison, MD Smith, TT Tran, PS Halasyamani, HC zur Loye
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Synthesis, characterization, and properties of reduced europium molybdates and tungstates
D Abeysinghe, B Gerke, G Morrison, CH Hsieh, MD Smith, R Pöttgen, ...
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 229, 173-180, 2015
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