Ridho Bayuaji
Ridho Bayuaji
Department of Civil Infrastructure Engineering, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember
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Review on adsorption of heavy metal in wastewater by using geopolymer
N Ariffin, MMAB Abdullah, MRRMA Zainol, MF Murshed, MA Faris, ...
MATEC web of conferences 97, 01023, 2017
Review on various types of geopolymer materials with the environmental impact assessment
H Zain, MMAB Abdullah, K Hussin, N Ariffin, R Bayuaji
MATEC Web of Conferences 97, 01021, 2017
Sidoarjo mud: A potential cement replacement material
MF Nuruddin, R Bayuaji, MB Masilamani, TR Biyanto
Civil Engineering Dimension 12 (1), 18-22, 2010
Application of Taguchi’s approach in the optimization of mix proportion for microwave incinerated rice husk ash foamed concrete
MF Nuruddin, R Bayuaji
International Journal of Civil & Environmental Engineering 9 (09), 121-29, 2009
Corrosion damage assessment of a reinforced concrete canal structure of power plant after 20 years of exposure in a marine environment: A case study
R Bayuaji, MS Darmawan, NA Husin, RB Anugraha, A Budipriyanto, ...
Engineering Failure Analysis 84, 287-299, 2018
A review in geopolymer binder with dry mixing method (geopolymer cement)
R Bayuaji, AK Yasin, TE Susanto, MS Darmawan
AIP Conference Proceedings 1887 (1), 020022, 2017
Light Weight Geopolymer Paste Made with Sidoarjo Mud (Lusi)
RB Januarti Jaya Ekaputri, S Junaedi
Materials Science Forum 803, 63-74, 2015
The influence of microwave incinerated rice husk ash on foamed concrete workability and compressive strength using Taguchi method
R Bayuaji
Jurnal Teknologi 75 (1), 2015
Mechanical Properties of MIRHA-Fly Ash Geopolymer Concrete
R Bayuaji, MF Nuruddin, S Francis, JJ Ekaputri, S Junaedi, H Fansuri
Materials Science Forum 803, 49-57, 2015
Utilization of high calcium content fly ash: flexural strength of geopolymer concrete beams in sea water environment
R Bayuaji, MS Darmawan, B Wibowo, NA Husin, S Subekti
The Open Civil Engineering Journal 10 (1), 2016
Evaluation of the effect of silica fume on amorphous fly ash geopolymers exposed to elevated temperature
OH Li, L Yun-Ming, H Cheng-Yong, R Bayuaji, MMAB Abdullah, FK Loong, ...
Magnetochemistry 7 (1), 9, 2021
The effect of Pb2+ and Cd2+ addition to mechanical properties of fly ash geopolymer paste
W Supriadi, R Bayuaji, RYP Burhan, H Fansuri
Materials Science Forum 841, 178-185, 2016
A Comprehensive Characterization and Determination of Fly Ashes In Indonesia using Different Methods
MA JJ Ekaputri, UM Bahrul, Triwulan, R Bayuaji, ST Eddy
Applied Mechanics and Materials 754, 320-325, 2015
Imperialist competitive algorithm (ICA) for heat exchanger network (HEN) cleaning schedule optimization
TR Biyanto, MD Khairansyah, R Bayuaji, H Firmanto, T Haksoro
Procedia Computer Science 72, 5-12, 2015
The influence of chloride environment on compressive strength of geopolymer concrete with fly ash using Taguchi approach
R Bayuaji, M Sigit Darmawan, B Wibowo, N Ahmad Husin, S Subekti, ...
Applied Mechanics and Materials 754, 400-405, 2015
Design plant-wide control to waste heat recovery generation on cement industry based HYSYS
TR Biyanto, HEG Prasetya, R Bayuaji, G Nugroho, T Soehartanto
Procedia Computer Science 72, 170-177, 2015
Study on the geopolymer concrete properties reinforced with hooked steel fiber
M Abdullah, MFM Tahir, M Tajudin, JJ Ekaputri, R Bayuaji, NAM Khatim
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 267 (1), 012014, 2017
Maximizing drilling performance through enhanced solid control system
S Irawan, BI Kinif, R Bayuaji
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 267 (1), 012038, 2017
Cd2+ and Cr3+ Cation Immobilization by Using Geopolymer Based on PT. IPMOMI Fly Ash
H Fansuri, IIM Anisatun, A Fatmawati, WP Utomo, W Supriadi, R Bayuaji
Materials Science Forum 841, 186-192, 2016
Influence of Microwave Incinerated Rice Husk Ash on Hydration of Foamed Concrete
R Bayuaji, MF Nuruddin
Advances in Civil Engineering 2014 (http://www.hindawi.com/journals/ace/2014 …, 2014
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