G. Veera Babu
G. Veera Babu
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An efficient, multicomponent, green protocol to access 4, 7-dihydrotetrazolo [1, 5-a] pyrimidines and 5,6,7,9-tetrahydrotetrazolo[5,1-b]quinazolin-8(4H)-ones using …
S Firoj Basha, TN Prasad, VB Gudise, VS Kumar, N Mulakayala, S Anwar
Synthetic Communications 49 (22), 3181-3190, 2019
Oxa‐Michael–Michael Reaction of MBH Alcohol and 2‐Arylidene‐1, 3‐indanedione: Regioselective Formal [4+ 2] Cycloaddition towards Tetrahydrospiropyran Scaffolds
VB Gudise, PC Settipalli, EK Reddy, S Anwar
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2019 (12), 2234-2242, 2019
Understanding the Mechanism of S (N) 2'vs. S (N) 2 in Cascade Reaction of beta-Naphthol and Nitrostyrene Derived MBH Acetates
VS Kumar, VB Gudise, PC Settipalli, EK Reddy, S Firoj Basha, YP Reddy, ...
ChemistrySelect 5 (10), 3080-3084, 2020
Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of substituted 2-amino-1, 3-thiazine derivatives as antituberculosis and anti-cancer agents
T Nagendra Prasad, KR Eeda, VB Gudise, SF Basha, S Anwar
Synthetic Communications 49 (10), 1277-1285, 2019
Organocascade Synthesis of Spiro [chroman‐3, 2′‐indanedione] Scaffolds via [4+ 2] or [1+ 1+ 4] Cyclisation
VB Gudise, PC Settipalli, YP Reddy, S Anwar
ChemistrySelect 6 (47), 13589-13594, 2021
Synthesis of Multisubstituted Indanedione Based Spiropyrans via Oxa‐Michael/Michael Cascade Reaction
YP Reddy, VB Gudise, PC Settipalli, S Anwar
ChemistrySelect 6 (18), 4456-4460, 2021
Knoevenagel‐Friedel‐Crafts‐Hemiketalization Triple Cascade Reaction: A Diastereoselective Formal [1+ 2+ 3] Cyclization Towards Indenonaphthopyran Scaffolds
PC Settipalli, YP Reddy, VB Gudise, S Anwar
ChemistrySelect 6 (1), 47-51, 2021
[3+ 2] regioselective annulation reaction of 2-arylidene-1, 3-indandiones towards synthesis of spirocyclopentenes: understanding the mechanism of γ-attack vs. α-attack using …
V BabuáGudise
RSC Advances 11 (61), 38648-38653, 2021
XtalFluor‐E: An Efficient Reagent for Synthesis of Oxazolines from Carboxylic Acids and O‐Silylated Amino Alcohols
VS Kumar, VB Gudise, EK Reddy, S Anwar
Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry 56 (10), 2753-2760, 2019
Month 2019 XtalFluor-E: An Efficient Reagent for Synthesis of Oxazolines from Car-boxylic Acids and O-Silylated Amino Alcohols
VS Kumar, VB Gudise, EK Reddy, S Anwar
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