Tsubasa Ohbayashi
Tsubasa Ohbayashi
Other names大林 翼
National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences (NIAES), NARO
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Cited by
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Greenhouse gas nitrous oxide emitted from agricultural soils via nitrification and the N2O mitigation strategies - the development of N2O emission inhibitors …
T Ohbayashi, LN Aoyagi, T Yamazaki, K Tago, M Hayatsul
農耕地土壌における硝化による温室効果ガス一酸化二窒素 (N2O) の発生とその対策―硝化制御による N2O 発生抑制剤開発の基盤構築―
大林翼, 山崎俊正, 多胡香奈子, 早津雅仁
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Diversity of the Hydroxylamine Oxidoreductase (HAO) Gene and Its Enzyme Active Site in Agricultural Field Soils
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Microbes and environments 38 (4), ME23068, 2023
日本微生物生態学会誌 35 (1), 16-19, 2020
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