Hassan Hadadzadeh
Hassan Hadadzadeh
Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, Isfahan University of Technology, IRAN
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The effectiveness of foliar applications of synthesized zinc-amino acid chelates in comparison with zinc sulfate to increase yield and grain nutritional quality of wheat
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Current status of tick fauna in north of Iran
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Molecular identification of ovine Theileria species by a new PCR–RFLP method
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Renewable Surface Sol‐gel Derived Carbon Ceramic Electrode Modified with Copper Complex and Its Application as an Amperometric Sensor for Bromate Detection
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Cyclometalated ruthenium chloro and nitrosyl complexes
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Iron (II)–amino acid chelates alleviate salt-stress induced oxidative damages on tomato grown in nutrient solution culture
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A mononuclear Cu (II) complex with 5, 6-diphenyl-3-(2-pyridyl)-1, 2, 4-triazine: synthesis, crystal structure, DNA-and BSA-binding, molecular modeling, and anticancer activity …
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Two different 1D-chains in the structures of the copper (I) coordination polymers based on bidentate Schiff-base building units and thiocyanate anions as bridging ligands
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Immobilization of gold nanoparticles on folate-conjugated dendritic mesoporous silica-coated reduced graphene oxide nanosheets: a new nanoplatform for curcumin pH-controlled …
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Immobilization of [Cu (bpy) 2] Br2 complex onto a glassy carbon electrode modified with α-SiMo12O404− and single walled carbon nanotubes: Application to nanomolar detection of …
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Synthesis, characterization, and theoretical and experimental investigations of zinc (II)–amino acid complexes as ecofriendly plant growth promoters and highly bioavailable …
S Ghasemi, AH Khoshgoftarmanesh, H Hadadzadeh, M Afyuni
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Design and synthesis of gatekeeper coated dendritic silica/titania mesoporous nanoparticles with sustained and controlled drug release properties for targeted synergetic chemo …
S Malekmohammadi, H Hadadzadeh, S Rezakhani, Z Amirghofran
ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 5 (9), 4405-4415, 2019
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