Yasin Orooji
Yasin Orooji
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The role of magnetite/graphene oxide nano-composite as a high-efficiency adsorbent for removal of phenazopyridine residues from water samples, an experimental/theoretical …
H Karimi-Maleh, M Shafieizadeh, MA Taher, F Opoku, EM Kiarii, ...
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An amplified voltammetric sensor based on platinum nanoparticle/polyoxometalate/two-dimensional hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets composite and ionic liquid for determination …
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Tuning of metal oxides photocatalytic performance using Ag nanoparticles integration
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Guanine-based DNA biosensor amplified with Pt/SWCNTs nanocomposite as analytical tool for nanomolar determination of daunorubicin as an anticancer drug: a docking/experimental …
H Karimi-Maleh, M Alizadeh, Y Orooji, F Karimi, M Baghayeri, J Rouhi, ...
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 60 (2), 816-823, 2021
Hierarchically structured ternary heterojunctions based on Ce3+/Ce4+ modified Fe3O4 nanoparticles anchored onto graphene oxide sheets as magnetic visible-light-active …
R Hassandoost, SR Pouran, A Khataee, Y Orooji, SW Joo
Journal of Hazardous Materials 376, 200-211, 2019
Facile fabrication of silver iodide/graphitic carbon nitride nanocomposites by notable photo-catalytic performance through sunlight and antimicrobial activity
Y Orooji, M Ghanbari, O Amiri, M Salavati-Niasari
Journal of hazardous materials 389, 122079, 2020
A new nickel-based co-crystal complex electrocatalyst amplified by NiO dope Pt nanostructure hybrid; a highly sensitive approach for determination of cysteamine in the presence …
H Karimi-Maleh, F Karimi, Y Orooji, G Mansouri, A Razmjou, A Aygun, ...
Scientific reports 10 (1), 1-13, 2020
Preparation of mullite-TiB2-CNTs hybrid composite through spark plasma sintering
Y Orooji, E Ghasali, M Moradi, MR Derakhshandeh, M Alizadeh, MS Asl, ...
Ceramics International 45 (13), 16288-16296, 2019
Co-reinforcing of mullite-TiN-CNT composites with ZrB2 and TiB2 compounds
Y Orooji, A Alizadeh, E Ghasali, MR Derakhshandeh, M Alizadeh, MS Asl, ...
Ceramics International 45 (16), 20844-20854, 2019
Effects of ZrB2 reinforcement on microstructure and mechanical properties of a spark plasma sintered mullite-CNT composite
Y Orooji, MR Derakhshandeh, E Ghasali, M Alizadeh, MS Asl, ...
Ceramics International 45 (13), 16015-16021, 2019
Recent advances in removal techniques of Cr (VI) toxic ion from aqueous solution: a comprehensive review
H Karimi-Maleh, Y Orooji, A Ayati, S Qanbari, B Tanhaei, F Karimi, ...
Journal of molecular liquids, 115062, 2020
Sonocatalytic activity of biochar-supported ZnO nanorods in degradation of gemifloxacin: synergy study, effect of parameters and phytotoxicity evaluation
P Gholami, L Dinpazhoh, A Khataee, Y Orooji
Ultrasonics sonochemistry 55, 44-56, 2019
A review on the applications of ultrasonic technology in membrane bioreactors
S Arefi-Oskoui, A Khataee, M Safarpour, Y Orooji, V Vatanpour
Ultrasonics sonochemistry 58, 104633, 2019
In-situ electro-generation and activation of hydrogen peroxide using a CuFeNLDH-CNTs modified graphite cathode for degradation of cefazolin
M Ghasemi, A Khataee, P Gholami, RDC Soltani, A Hassani, Y Orooji
Journal of environmental management 267, 110629, 2020
Novel 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium bromide impregnated chitosan hydrogel beads nanostructure as an efficient nanobio-adsorbent for cationic dye removal: Kinetic study
H Karimi-Maleh, S Ranjbari, B Tanhaei, A Ayati, Y Orooji, M Alizadeh, ...
Environmental Research 195, 110809, 2021
Lithium ion-selective membrane with 2D subnanometer channels
A Razmjou, G Eshaghi, Y Orooji, E Hosseini, AH Korayem, ...
Water research 159, 313-323, 2019
Nanostructured mesoporous carbon polyethersulfone composite ultrafiltration membrane with significantly low protein adsorption and bacterial adhesion
Y Orooji, M Faghih, A Razmjou, J Hou, P Moazzam, N Emami, ...
Carbon 111, 689-704, 2017
A novel detection method for organophosphorus insecticide fenamiphos: Molecularly imprinted electrochemical sensor based on core-shell Co3O4@ MOF-74 nanocomposite
H Karimi-Maleh, ML Yola, N Atar, Y Orooji, F Karimi, PS Kumar, J Rouhi, ...
Journal of colloid and interface science 592, 174-185, 2021
Green synthesis using cherry and orange juice and characterization of TbFeO3 ceramic nanostructures and their application as photocatalysts under UV light for removal of …
P Mehdizadeh, Y Orooji, O Amiri, M Salavati-Niasari, H Moayedi
Journal of Cleaner Production 252, 119765, 2020
Design and applications of MEMS flow sensors: A review
F Ejeian, S Azadi, A Razmjou, Y Orooji, A Kottapalli, ME Warkiani, ...
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 295, 483-502, 2019
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