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Valuing ecotourism and conservation benefits in marine parks: the case of Redang Island, Malaysia.
MR Yacob, A Radam, SB Rawi
International Journal of Applied Economics and Finance 3 (1), 12-21
A contingent valuation study of marine parks ecotourism: The case of Pulau Payar and Pulau Redang in Malaysia
MR Yacob, A Radam, A Shuib
Journal of Sustainable Development 2 (2), P95
Local Economic Benefits of Ecotourism Development in Malaysia: The Case of Redang Island Marine Park.
MR Yacob, A Shuib, MF Mamat, A Radam
International Journal of Economics and Management 1 (3), 365-386
Economic valuation of Shadegan International Wetland, Iran: notes for conservation
MN Shamsudin, A Radam, KA Rahim, MR Yacob, A Muda, M Yazid
Regional Environmental Change 11 (4), 925-934
We are willing to pay to support wetland conservation: local users’ perspective
S Kaffashi, MN Shamsudin, A Radam, KA Rahim, MR Yacob
International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology 20 (4), 325-335
Economic valuation and conservation: Do people vote for better preservation of Shadegan International Wetland?
S Kaffashi, MN Shamsudin, A Radam, MR Yacob, KA Rahim, M Yazid
Biological Conservation 150 (1), 150-158
Consumers’ Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Safety Beef Consumption
A Radam, ML Abu, MR Yacob
The IUP Journal of Marketing Management 9 (4), 29-55
Factors influencing the willingness to pay for entrance permit: The evidence from Taman Negara National Park
Z Samdin, YA Aziz, A Radam, MR Yacob
Journal of sustainable development 3 (3), p212
Consumers’ perceptions, attitudes and willingness to pay towards food products with “No Added MSG” labeling
A Radam, MR Yacob, TS Bee, J Selamat
International Journal of Marketing Studies 2 (1), P65
Technical Efficiency of the Malaysian Wooden Furniture Industry: A Stochastic Frontier Production Approach
A Radam, MR Yacob, HFM Muslim
International Business Research 3 (3), P10
Development of farmers’ perception scale on agro tourism in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
P Kunasekaran, S Ramachandran, MR Yacob, A Shuib
World Applied Sciences Journal 12 (Special Issue of Tourism & Hospitality ...
Tourists perception and opinion towards ecotourism development and management in Redang Island Marine Parks, Malaysia
MR Yacob
International Business Research 4 (1), p62
Recreational Demand in Bird Sactuary: The Case of Kapar Bird Sanctuary, Kelang, Malaysia
MR Yacob, A Radam
International Journal of Business and Management 4 (12), P99
Economic valuation of forest goods and services of Ayer Hitam Forest, Puchong, Selangor
A Ghani, A Noor, MS Othman, MR Yacob, S Mohamed, MZ Hussin
Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science 22 (2), 147-160
Costs and benefits analysis of Aquilaria species on plantation for agarwood production in Malaysia
MF Mamat, MR Yacob, LH Fui, A Rdam
International Journal of Business and Social Science 1 (2), 162-174
Consumer perception towards meat safety: confirmatory factor analysis
M Liana, A Radam, MR YACOB
International Journal of Economics and Management 4 (2), 305-318
Economic Valuation of Marine Parks Ecotourism Malaysia: The Case of Redang Island Marine Park
Mohd. Rusli Yacob, A Radam, W Awang
Universiti Putra Malaysia Press
Non-users’ trade-off between natural scenery, water quality, ecological functions and biodiversity conservation: a way to preserve wetlands
S Kaffashi, MN Shamsudin, A Radam, KA Rahim, MR Yacob
Environment Systems and Decisions 33 (2), 251-260
Contingent valuation of ecotourism in Marine Parks, Malaysia: implication for sustainable Marine Park revenue and ecotourism management.
MR Yacob, A Radam, K Wahidin, A Shuib
World Applied Sciences Journal 7 (12), 1474-1481
Technical Efficiency Estimates for Sarawak Pepper Farming: A Comparative Analysis
A Radam, M Ismail
Pertanika Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities 7 (2), 103-110
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