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Facebook: An online environment for learning of English in institutions of higher education?
MK Kabilan, N Ahmad, MJZ Abidin
The Internet and Higher Education 13 (4), 179-187
EFL Students' Attitudes towards Learning English Language: The Case of Libyan Secondary School Students.
MJZ Abidin, M Pour-Mohammadi, H Alzwari
Asian social science 8 (2)
The attitude and motivation of English language teachers towards the use of computers
NA Abdullah, MJZ Abidin, WS Luan, O Majid, H Atan
Malaysian Online Journal of Instructional Technology 3 (1), 57-67
Learning Styles and Overall Academic Achievement in a Specifi c Educational System
MJZ Abidin, AA Rezaee, HN Abdullah, KKB Singh
International Journal of Humanities and Social Science 1 (10), 143-152
In the Importance of EFL Learners' writing Skill: Is there any Relation between Writing Skill and Content Score of English Essay Test?
ME Taghizadeh, MJZ Abidin, E Naseri, M Hosseini
International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, 1-12
Improving listening comprehension among Malay preschool children using digital stories
MJZ Abidin, M Pour-Mohammadi, T Souriyavongsa, C Da, LK Ong
International Journal of Humanities and Social Science 1 (14), 159-164
Factors causes students low English language learning: A case study in the National University of Laos
T Souriyavongsa, S Rany, MJZ Abidin, LL Mei
International Journal of English Language Education 1 (1), pp. 179-192
The Effect of Process Writing Practice on the Writing Quality of Form One Students: A Case Study.
M Pour-Mohammadi, Z Abidin, M Jafre, CL Fong
Asian Social Science 8 (3)
A Comparative Study of Using Multimedia Annotation and Printed Textual Glossary in Learning Vocabulary
MJZ Abidin, M Pour-Mohammadi, NS Shoar, STH Cheong, AM Jafre
International Journal of Learning and Development 1 (1), Pages 82-90
The Reading Habits of Malaysian Chinese University Students
MJZ Abidin, M Pour-Mohammadi, OC Lean
Journal of Studies in Education 1 (1)
Investigating Learning English Strategies and English Needs of Undergraduate Students at the National University of Laos.
T Souriyavongsa, MJZ Abidin, R Sam, LL Mei, IB Aloysius
English Language Teaching 6 (10)
Does Instructing Test-taking Strategies Significantly Enhance Reading Comprehension Test Performance? The Case of Iranian EFL Learners.
M Pour-Mohammadi, MJZ Abidin
International Journal of Linguistics (IJL) 4 (3)
Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR) within cognitive and metacognitive strategies perspectives
MJZ Abidin, R Riswanto
European Journal of Business and Management 4 (1), 61-69
A Survey of Online Reading Habits of Rural Secondary School Students in Malaysia.
MJZ Abidin, M Pour-Mohammadi, A Jesmin
International Journal of Linguistics (IJL) 3 (1)
The Effectiveness of Using Songs in YouTube to Improve Vocabulary Competence among Upper Secondary School Studies.
Z Abidin, M Jafre, M Pour-Mohammadi, B Singh, K Kaur, R Azman, ...
Theory & Practice in Language Studies 1 (11)
Blogging: Promoting Peer Collaboration in Writing
MJZ Abidin, M Pour-Mohammadi, FBA Hamid
International Journal of Business, Humanities and Technology 1 (3), 98-105
Test-taking Strategies, Schema Theory and Reading Comprehension Test Performance
MJZ Abidin
International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 237-243
A Study on the Relationship between English Vocabulary Threshold and Word Guessing Strategy for Pre-University Chinese Students in Malaysia.
WX Juan, MJZ Abidin, LS Eng
English Language Teaching 6 (9)
English Listening Comprehension Problems of Students from China Learning English in Malaysia.
WX Juan, MJZ Abidin
Language in India 13 (4)
Study of the Communication Strategies Used By Iraqi EFL Students at Tertiary Level
RL Ugla, NI Adnan, MJZ Abidin
International Journal of Evaluation and Research in Education (IJERE) 2 (1 ...
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